Music: March ’16


Ah yes, music.

                I don’t think I could live without it. It carries me through the happy times, sad times, monochrome days, the adventurous days… It’s there to keep me going. I feel like music is one of the most amazing ways to express oneself. Music is how you know where the artist is at in their life. It a very raw expression of the soul. It says a lot, yet is disguised in a tune.

                 Now, I really encourage you, if you don’t listen to much music, please start. Develop a taste, let it change and grow with you. I will admit that I didn’t really have a “taste” in music until maybe 5 months ago. Music had always been a thing that I was afraid of. I would think to myself “there’s so much out there, how am I supposed to navigate and find what I like? Well, it happened. I found one artist that simply spoke to me. Not sure how it worked exactly, but all I knew was that was music I liked. From there it only got better. I branched out, found more artists with more music I liked. Ahh the feeling of falling in love with an album. It’s one of the sweetest things 🙂

All this to say, today I am going to let you look at what music I’m talking about.

The music I like.

People say that I have a pretty specific music taste, one that is somewhat predictable. I’m not really sure to be honest, I just either like it or don’t like it. The music on my playlist won’t typically be played on the radio (except maybe a few). I find my music from the strangest of places, from the background of TV shows, to obscure playlists online, to some of Spotify’s amazing playlists (I love Spotify… a lot…).

I hope you enjoy this month’s playlists (it’s one of my favorites so far 🙂

Top 10 songs this Month:

#1: “I Found” by Amber Run


#2: “Winter Break”  and “Loudspeaker” by MUNA

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#3: “Grow” by Frances


#4: “Bloodsport ’15” by Raleigh Ritchie


#5: “BTSTU” by Jai Paul


#6: “The Sound” by The 1974 


#7: “Drive” by Oh Wonder


#8: “for him.” and “SUBURBIA” by Troye Sivan


#9: “Never Forget You” by MNEK and Zara Larsson 


#10: “Get Good” (Infinitefreefall Remix) by St. South


 That’s it! You can find all of this music and more of my favorites on my monthly Spotify playlist. Check out “march ’16” for this month’s playlist. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

P.S. I’m hoping to make this a monthly post of saying my music for the month so far. Ill probably keep it mid-month, that way I have time to find new music for the month. Thanks!

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