Lately i’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting on Photoshop. After learning some techniques online for another project, i just sort of fell into experimenting with shapes in photos, cutting out pieces and spinning them, shiftings them, etc. I thought they looked pretty rad so why not make a post about it 🙂 Plus it’s been a couple weeks, midterms are over and i’ve got some time before i die during finals. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_5210(dimonds)IMG_3994(3d glitch)IMG_4701(shapes)IMG_5186(3)IMG_4714(lines)IMG_3875(cuts)IMG_3712(3d lines)IMG_3994(3d slash)IMG_5180(triangles)IMG_4751(mosaic)IMG_4754(pentagon)IMG_5201(Xs)IMG_3994(IMG_5186(circle)IMG_4734(cross(

PS these are all photos i’ve taken over the past couple months… Some new to you, some you’ve seen before. Thanks for looking 🙂

One response to “Geometric”

  1. Grace Muncey Avatar

    This is really cool!


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