Visalia, CA 5.15.16

When i first heard about my cousin and his wife’s baby shower, ill be honest, i didn’t really want to go. It was almost 4 hours away, 200 mile drive, inland (aka it was gonna be really hot), etc. But then on the up side, i’d get to go away for a couple days, spend time with my mom and be there to support my cousin… m’kay sounds fun. I don’t regret it one bit. On the drive up, Drive by Oh Wonder was stuck in my head: “Sat back with the window down, 80 and hour and the radio loud.”

We got there, dropped stuff off at the hotel and then headed to an outlet mall. Got good prices on a new Tommy Hilfiger leather backpack and baseball cap (pic on instagram stoon). Then the next day we headed to the baby shower. The restaurant was BEAUTIFUL. Mirrors lined with dark wood and stained glass covered the walls and ceiling, warm antique light fixtures hung giving a beautiful glow. UGH I loved it soo much.

This week’s photos are slightly different, seeing that they are family oriented, not so much “photo shoot” style. I really liked how they turned out and i hope you like them too 🙂

PS. any family that have somehow gotten the link to this blog: Hi, i was trying to keep this a secret from you. Hope you like it.


PSS. Congratulation to Gordon and Alex, God bless you as parents to be!

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