As a Viewer

As a Viewer

My only advice is to never drive to Santa Monica on a friday at 11pm in the middle of winter. When you have the flu… Nonetheless, I did. My friends were there too and we opened all the doors and turned up the car speakers to full volume. They danced, sang, and screamed while i waddled around with my camera trying to keep warm. It’s alway fun watching them dance because they’re all bomb at it. Also, the view of Santa Monica was gorgeous.

I chose to name this little photo set As a Viewer because that’s how i felt while taking the pictures. I’m the type of person who HATES missing out on fun, but in this instance i really allowed myself to detach and separate myself. I removed myself for the short time as a friend and turned into a viewer. I took photos of what could enjoy in the midst of feeling bloody awful. The night time is such a chaotic time, despite the fact that many people were just beginning to settle down. Night time is the one time (at least for myself) that a person is allowed to not do work and just let loose. There’s a rebellious feeling not being in bed at a late hour. It’s a subtle adventurous vibe and I love it 🙂

anyways, hope you enjoy!

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