Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA




I just couldn’t decide which photos to cut out because i loved them all 😦 BUT!! Who cares cuz this is MY blog and it’s MY decision what to put on it… so here you go. 40+ pics of our trip to Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA. It took us about 3 hours to drive an otherwise 1 1/2 hour drive because there was so much traffic and we left at a dumb time, but it really was worth it! This year there was a “super bloom” (that’s what the site called it) and it was absolutely beautiful! A small canyon with blankets of yellow and green for miles. Despite the drive, this day stands as one of my favorite memories with my friends. Thank you to Emma and Emily for being troopers and driving out with me. The sacrifices we make for art are kinda stupid sometimes haha. Love you both ❤

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