we drove to san pedro…?


One of the strangest and most magical things about my friendship with Eden is that we always somehow end up where we never intended to be. We love to adventure together, and sometimes we just say

“hey, lets get in the car and just drive.”

Sometimes we drive for minutes, and other times (like this time) we drive for almost an hour wherever the road takes us. I’m generally the driver, so i tend to head either North or South (west doesn’t take us very far lol) and just follow the sunshine. We’ve found some of the most magical views, small beautiful parks, pretty buildings, fun museums, etc. Just about anything you can think of, we’ve run into it.


On this fine friday, June 30, Eden and I drove South towards Palos Verdes in hopes of catching the sun on a cloudy day. Eden being the cute berry that she is looks stunning of course 🙂 After stopping along the water, we just drove and drove and drove behind the slowest truck on a one-lane road, and somehow ended up in this little nature preserve in the middle of neighborhoods across from a beach. The clouds were coming fast so we froliced and got pricked by flower stems as quick as we could. These are a couple pics i got 🙂

So as our adventure came to an end, we started heading back home. As I got on the freeway I was shocked to see in the distance the words “San Pedro” on what looked like a large power plant.


Well we did. And then I drove her back and we had a lovely time.

Despite ending up where we never intend to, its almost like the road always leads us exactly where we were meant to be (cheesy ik, just roll with me here).

LA is a very cool place because there are all of these little hidden treasures that a lot of people simply don’t have the time to find.

But we find them, Eden and I, and take advantage of all their glory.

I hope you can enjoy them with us 🙂

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