This post was written back in 2018 when I moved into my dorm room in San Francisco. I apparently never posted it, but looking back I like the pictures lol.

Enjoy my rant about the day I moved into my first university. I’ve since transferred schools in Fall 2018, and then graduated with a Computer Science BS degree in December 2020.


So here I am one week later.

I made it.

Last Saturday I moved into my dorm room and with my parents help got everything I needed. It was a busy day starting early at 5am when my parents and I got up, loaded the car, got ready, and eventually headed out at around 7:30. It took us about 7 hours to get there with traffic and such but overall it was a smooth ride. When we got to the building my dorm is in I was able to quickly get my temporary room key and head up to the room. We spent some time first vacuuming, cleaning surfaces, and the rearranging the furniture. Then we unloaded everything in about 3 trips, which wasn’t much seeing as the room is on the 3rd floor.

After unpacking for a bit we headed to Target to get soooo much stuff like water bottles and stuff to eat with. After exiting the parking lot with all the stuff it turned out that someone had smashed the window of our rental van and stole a ton of my parents stuff :/ Nothing that couldn’t be replaced, but still it was kind of dumb. We spent some time praying for the people who took the stuff asking that God would open the thieves’ eyes to the truth of their actions. My parents then dropped me off and had to go all the way to the airport to get a new rental car and then call to file a police report. It was stressful, but everything turned out okay in the end and we got another car.

The next day we visited Redemption Church which is about a 15 minute walk away from my dorm. This was such an answer to prayer as all of us fell in love with the church 🙂 I met one of the pastors and a couple others from the church and they were all so friendly and the sermon was amazing. The music was also really good and all the doctrine in the sermon and on the website was on point. So amazing what God does 🙂 Afterwards we went to the grocery store and I stalked up on food. This was super important since I’ll be making all my own food, as I have a couple dietary restrictions. After that we dropped the food of and went to an indoor plant store near downtown San Francisco called Roots. The lady that works there is SUPER knowledgeable about every single plant and showed me all the plants that would work with my dorm room. In the end she ended up giving me a small little plant that works really well in low light situations since my window faces North (away from the sun). I’m telling you, if you’re in San Francisco, go visit her little shop, it’s so cute and she even gave the plant to me for free! In ten weeks I’m going to go back to her shop and have her repot the plant 🙂

After dropping the new little plant (I named her Judy) back at the dorm we went out for sushi at this little japanese restaurant called SQewers a few blocks down and it was very tasty. That was the end of our day and now its the day before school starts and I’m SO NERVOUS but excited 🙂 Gonna be a busy couple weeks but hopefully It goes well.

At his point I’m taking four classes and am a little nervous about it but I think I can handle it. After taking Calculus II I feel like I can handle anything haha. Anyawyyys see y’all hopefully soon 🙂 byeeee

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