Painful Reminders

It may sounds silly, but one of the most difficult things for me this pandemic was losing my ability to rock climb. I love the sport so much.

Life doesn’t feel the same without it.

Just under a year ago I was at my peak fitness in my life. I was bouldering v5s and climbing 12b’s on lead. I was climbing almost every day.

I was strong, and yet, my mind was weak. The thought of missing a day of climbing sent me in a spiral of anxiety. I was addicted to it, and thus at its mercy.

Last year I remember when rumors circled within days that the gyms were closing. School had just been canceled not 4 days before, and I had moved home to be with my parents. I was at my partner’s house when he came to me and said “you’re not gonna like this…”

It was a Sunday, and his roommate who worked at the gym said that they were closing extremely soon. We rushed to the gym for our last day of fun. The next day, the shut down started.

Since then I climbed once outdoors, and it was painful to see how much I had lost. I hate this. I am thankful to not be sick, but I hate this so much.

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