July ’16 Favorites

I’ve decided to update my Music favorites and turn it into just general favorites. Im not including music this month and will see how it goes. Instead you could always check out my July Spotify playlist ;;)  Hope you enjoy.


This month i have been obsessed with denim. Denim evvvrything. Its probly becoming a problem but eh whatever.

The first item is a ginormous jean jacket. Seriously, it HUGEE. It makes me feel so warm and safe and snugly like a big hug from a nice tough blanket. The collar is super cool, a nice medium brown leather and inside is lined with a wool patterned thing that adds a lot of character. Bought this at a thrift shop in Minnesota and have worn it too many times.

Next i have yet another denim item: a denim vest. Its adorable. The red velvet collar is so unique and fancy ribbon like button lining thing adds a lot to something i normally wouldn’t really wear. Bought this at the same thrift shop as the denim jacket.

Ok one more denim thing sorry sorry but here it is— Denim baseball hat. Its cute ok, and goes with everything. There’s really nothing more to say. Oh and i got it at yet another thrift shop.

Now the shoes. These shoes make me far too happy unlike any other pair of shoes i’ve had. They make me feel like a piece of crap business person with the clickety clackety tap tap tap noise as i walk. Since i started work they have been a lifesaver. You can really dress them up or dress them down and it’s cool. Anyways i’m sure you’re seeing the pattern here: yeah they’re thrifted.

iitsss a bathing suit. Ok im not a person who is into super sexy bathing suits, never worn a bikini in my life (nothing against them, just my opinion for myself). Its not that im uncool with my body or anything its just that its slightly uncomfortable showing lots of skin. Idk whatever anyways this bathing suit was a stretch for me, even being a one piece. The V neck dip is very impressive if i do say so myself. Its got a little bit of the 80s vibe from the sides that go way up the hip. Anyways i love it and will wear it every time i go to the beach now.


You know i keep having to go back up the page and edit because i remember that THIS is the last item: Scrunchies. I dont usually spend money, especially an unnecessary amount of money, at Urban Outfitters. But they’re really cute. And the only amount of fun i’m allowed to add to my work attire. The ones at Urban are all cute summer colors (I left out the white one) and im love love lovin them.



First is Eye vinyl by Milk. it is amazing. First off, i dont have to worry about eyeshadow (cuz im bad at it..), second its kina futuristic looking which makes me happy, third is just flipping cool looking. I got it from the Milk Makeup website.


Physicians Formula Shimmer Nude strips things are adorable. You can use them for your eyes which is nice, or as a highlighter. Ahh anyways its just pretty and not too expensive (got it on Amazon) so cool cool. 


Aand yet another highlighter. This one is the tre’StiQue Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescen. It is BOMB. This one is a roll on one that subtle and nice and natural. I got it in my Ipsy package this month (it was a really good one this month). 



Bless Rainbow Rowell. My goodness. Her writing is PHENOMENAL. Throughout the book im always just thinking about how amazing her sentence structure is, streamline her stories are. Wow, she even makes the dull stuff amazing. I am currently halfway through her book Fangirl and it is to die for. I love how it brings light and sort of normalizes a culture that isn’t really praised. Fanfiction writing. Im not someone who reads or writes fanfic but im intrigued by it and understand it from afar. Any creative writing is cool in my book (yess) and the way Rowell explains why the protagonist loves it is so refreshing and eloquent. Anyways, go read it. Now.


Im finally done yayy. I spent wayy to long on this post taking all the photos but hey whatever it was still funn. Well hope you enjoyed 🙂 If you want to see my favorite music from this month, go ahead and click the link in the top right that says Spotify. It’ll take you to my July playlist :)))

k byee

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