Face Paint

This past weekend i decided to experiment with face paint.

Now, typically the words “facepaint” bring to mind childhood memories of going to halloween festivals and seeing kid’s faces covered in paint resembling a tiger or zeebra. Well no, this is not the kind of face paint i’m talking about. Originally i kind of wanted to go for a sort of coachella vibe: white dots on the cheekbones, gold eyeliner. Well then i realized i didn’t have the makeup to do that… Nor the money to buy it.

But hey, that’s ok. My models and i got creative. We rummaged through the craft cupboard and found a large palette of watercolor paint along with glitter. Good enough.

They did themselves up (and did an amazing job) and then we did the shoot at golden hour. Well anyways, hope y’all enjoy the photos 🙂IMG_5402(2)IMG_5407(2)IMG_5442(3)IMG_5455(2)IMG_5384(3)IMG_5391(2)IMG_5418(3)IMG_5410(2)IMG_5441(2)IMG_5399(2)IMG_5437(2)

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